Thursday, July 22, 2010

Philip Morris, Document ID 2044267124

1995 memo from Carl Haglund, former president of PR firm Dolphin Group, to David Laufer. Laufer has held various positions at Philip Morris, from head of communications to VP of state government affairs.

This memo is the first one I came across after doing a random search at the Philip Morris documents site. (I had just learned about the existence of the tobacco companies’ document websites about two minutes earlier. Discovering a damning document so quickly was the impetus for me to start this blog. I thought, if on my very first look at one of these sites I find something like this, what else is there to find when I really dig into it?)

It discusses with some alarm the American Cancer Society Foundation’s intent to develop a program to raise teens’ awareness about the dangers of smoking. The most damning thing here is the subtext of graft; Haglund slyly mentions Philip Morris having a “friend” on the ACSF board of trustees with whom they could meet, and how some of the trustees shouldn’t be “casting stones” because they’re involved in their own questionable endeavors.

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